Copper Console Room
Copper Theme Image
The Copper Desktop Theme Active In The TARDIS
Main Features
Corridor Access Points 3
Main Entrance Style Unknown
Other attributes

'Canon' History Edit

This particular TARDIS console room was operated by the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) from 2010 through to 2013. Its first appearance was during Smith's first full episode, 'The Eleventh Hour' as his regeneration from his predecessor caused extensive damage to the TARDIS rendering it inoperable and causing it to hurtle out of control through the London skies ultimately resulting in a crash so significant the TARDIS itself underwent "Reconfiguration".

Fallout Who Vegas Edit

This is one of the console rooms at the players disposal in Fallout Who and was the first console to be released during Wave One and the base console for the Fallout Who Vegas mod. This console features many controls that are in shape of old and new Earth objects from typewriters to telescopes this console has it's share of Earth tech. It also houses three different corridors with which the pilot is able to enter the endless corridors and rooms that make up the TARDIS interior.

Identifiable Attributes Edit

This console room features a large glass floor which you are able to freely go underneath and perform repairs on the engine panel, for ease the TARDIS tool kit is also located by the engine panel to allow for ease when performing repairs on either Basic mode or Advanced mode.