Fwv Encyclopedia Gallifreya

Encyclopedia Gallifreya are collectables that require the player to be a timelord and once collected: gift the player advanced telepathic abilitys while in timelord form. With the base FWV mod, the bottle in the Galley cannot be collected. Should the player use Xoanon's addon, a lore box will popup after every collection, and an additional telepathic ability is unlocked at 13 collected. The locations are as follows:

  1. Sickbay, bottomshelf of the trolley
  2. Master bedroom, the table next to the bed
  3. Copper console, in the side portion, down the stairs
  4. Copper console, near the TARDIS toolkit
  5. Coral console, on the raised platform, near the TARDIS toolkit
  6. Ship's galley, on a table opposite the entrance. (Requires Xoanon's addon to be collectible.)
  7. Library, ground floor, inbetween 2 bookshelves
  8. Library, 1st floor, on top of a bookshelf on the right hand side
  9. Library, 1st floor, in the study.
  10. Library 2nd floor, left hand side, on top of a bookshelf
  11. In the Gardens grow area, behind the planters.
  12. Swiming pool, in the bathroom stall.
  13. Near the Eye Of Harmony.