Welcome to the Fallout Who Vegas WikiEdit

This is a Wiki devoted to showing and hopefully explaining all of the vast and varying aspects of the mod based off of the popular British Sci-Fi television show 'Doctor Who', currently being developed for the post-apocolyptic survival game 'Fallout New Vegas'.

It is here that you will find all of the exact details and information that you need to ensure that you are able play the modification with the best knowledge and tactics there are available.

The latest official version of the the mod currently stands at version 2.4, if you are not running this version then avert your eyes below to find the download link which houses the most up-to-date version of the modification.

The Fallout Who Community & Download LinksEdit

To dowload the mod and try it out for yourself simply head on over to the Fallout New Vegas Mod Nexus webpage to download and install the modification. The following link will take you to the very page with which you can start your adventure through time & space!

One of the many amazing things about the Fallout Who modifiaction is the equally huge and charming community! Head on over to the Pro-board forum page to talk with fellow players of the mod to exchange helpful tips, tricks and advice. They don't bite...Honest!

Latest activityEdit

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