This is a basic temporary page to let new players understand how to fly the tardis when you first get into the vessel.

When you first enter the tardis you will start with the pilot skill at level 1. Until you reach pilot level 5 you will only be able to travel to random destinations, however by traveling you can increase your pilot skill.

You must deactivate the auto pilot during flight to earn experience(you can do so by activating the Blue Stabilisers and can reactivate it the same way). While on auto pilot using the steps below will get you to your destination without any experience, after deactivating autopilot activate highlighted buttons/levers to gain experience.

To setup the tardis to travel to a random location, use these steps:

  1. Activate The Zig Zag Plotter
  2. Activate The Helmic Regulator
  3. Activate And Set The Space TIme Throttle To Either Normal, Medium, or Maximum Vworp
  4. Activate Locking Down Mechanism
  5. Activate Time Rotor Handbrake

Programmed flight can be achieved by replacing the zig zag plotter with a few steps.

  1. Activate Navcom Mode
  2. Activate The Console Scanner
  3. Enter Navcom Databanks
  4. Select Alphabetical Category
  5. Click On Location
  6. Click Power Button To Close The Console Scanner

After this you simply need to continue from zig zag plotter(so the next step would be the helmic regulator etc.)