Hypercubes are small glowing blue cubes, emitting a strong white light, which can be found throughout the TARDIS and various planets (Telos, Skaro, Karn). When a cube is found, depending on how many you've found so far, an audio-log will be played of the corresponding incarnation of the Doctor (fifth cube found = fifth Doctor). NOTE: The one inside the Master's TARDIS will always reward you with The Master's outfit. Xoanon's addon changes the Master's hypercube to red, and adds two new blue hypercubes representing Time Lady Romana, which give unique rewards.

Upon finding the Hypercube, the clothing of the corresponding Doctor (or other character) will be placed in your inventory.


  1. In the Classic TARDIS layout, underneath the main console
  2. In the Coral Grunge TARDIS layout, underneath the console
  3. In the wardrobe, hidden behind suitcases.
  4. In the swimming pool, furthest from the door.
  5. In the gardens, on the fountain
  6. In the library, second floor, on the desk
  7. Workshop, underneath the bench
  8. Laboratory, On the top shelf on the left, next to a schematic book
  9. Zero room, hidden in a corner
  10. Karn, inside the sisterhoods temple, on the right
  11. Skaro, the research station, middle floor
  12. Skaro, on a burned tree-stump
  13. Telos, at the Cyber Workcamp
  14. (Master's hypercube) In the master's TARDIS in the wardrobe, key can be found in galley fireplace.
  15. (Xoanon) Art gallery, on the left table.
  16. (Xoanon) In the Retro console room by K-9's carboard box.