TARDIS Exits Edit

There are at least five 'exit locations' when you go "deeper into the TARDIS", but here are the four to be aware of for finding rooms:

  • #1. Bright hallway leading to the left and right, with a downward shaft to your right. (In the Copper console, this has a shaft straight ahead as well.)  This is the hallway you are placed in when you do the Tutorial and the Voice Interface leads you to the Workshop.
  • #2. Darker hallway, with a downward shaft ahead of you and paths to left and right.
  • #3. Darker hallway with a very dark short path to Left and Right, each leading to a door.
  • #4. Red hallways.

Auxiliary Rooms Edit

Here is the list of all TARDIS rooms and the path to each.

The rooms in the list below must be turned on in the Architecture system in the TARDIS terminal in order to be accessed.

  • Master Bedroom - Exit #1, Right, Left, straight to door. 
  • Ship's Galley - Exit #1, Right, Left, Right 
  • Sickbay - Exit #1, Right, Right, Right, to door.  
  • Wardrobe - Exit #1, Right, Right, Left, Right.  
  • Library - Exit #1, Left, Straight to door.  
  • Art Gallery - If it's open, you'll be able to see it open directly ahead of you down a hall if you exit the right floor/area. 
  • Gardens - Exit #2, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right. This one takes you down a winding hallway.  
  • Observatory - Exit #2, straight, follow path around. 
  • Swimming Pool - Exit #2, Straight, Right, around, and in a nearly black hallway, it's to your left.  
  • Zero Room - Red Exit, Left, through 2 doors, then Right, through one door, then Left.  
  • Workshop - Exit #3, Straight, then Right, through a door, then Left. 
  • Laboratory - Exit #3, Left, through door, Left. 

Permanent Rooms Edit

These rooms are always "turned on".

  • Cloister/Eye of Harmony - Red Exit, Straight, through door, Left, through door 
  • Architecture System "Tree" - Red Exit, Right, through door, Right, Left. 
  • Ancillary Power - Red Exit, Straight, through door, Right 
  • Weapon Stash – Exit #1, Left, Left, then Left at the white arrow on the ground.