Skaro (also known as D–5–Gamma–Z–Alpha) is the twelfth planet from it's sun, and has at least four moons which orbit it. The planet is most well-known as the home planet of the Thals and the Kaleds, the latter of which developed into the Daleks.


As a result of the nuclear war between the Thals and the Kaleds, the entire planet of Skaro is bristling with radiation (8 rads per second where the TARDIS lands, 7 surrounding it, etc...). The surface is mostly arid plains of scorched earth and dead trees, and any water is highly irradiated.

There are five main locations

  • The Petrified Forest, where the TARDIS lands
  • The Mutated Swamp
  • Dalek Research Outpost 43, consisting of three floors
  • The Mercury Geysers (Two mercury deposits can be found here)
  • An unmarked, colossal statue of a Dalek (If you have Xoanon's addon, this will be the entrance to the asylum)