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Telos is a polar planet originally inhabited by the Cryons, an ice-based species who required extreme cold to survive. As the planet began to heat up, the Cryons were forced underground, and the Cybermen were free to invade the surface. They took control of the underground facilities, and used it to store their spare cyber-soldiers until they would be required.


The surface of Telos is mostly covered in ice and snow, and plagued with sporadic snow-storms. Several buildings litter the surface, although there are only four main locations of interest:

  • Cyber Control, a building atop a small mountain with steel walkways leading to it
  • Cyber Workcamp, inhabited by several Cybermen and some half-converted Cyber Workers
  • A tent featuring an engineering work-station
  • An unmarked cave where the TARDIS lands, far from either of the previous locations